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www.appdigibiz.com - The leading website that updates trends in digital marketing communications by App Communication Company Limited, a digital marketing communications consultant that assembles a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in advertising and public relations agencies. Our expertise in marketing communications encompasses SEO content, digital PR, digital media, social media, CSR campaign, on-ground event, and media planning and production. We strive to provide a comprehensive spectrum of effective marketing communications solutions for your business success in the Digital Era.


Digital PR
We offer PR planning and management services to help you build a good corporate image and strengthen relationships with the target audience. Our application of extensive PR tools enables a variety of target audience with different lifestyles to be reached, while promoting both online and offline media. And what makes us different from other agencies. It is the presentation of PR content linked to SEO, including press releases, articles, Info-graphics and video content .
Digital Media & SEO Content

Digital media planning and management is one of our services provided to customers to ensure effective online advertising, which includes Google AdWords, SEO, SEM, GDN, and YouTube Ads. Moreover we provide SEO content writing related to products and services for linking to key words by who has experienced writers in media industry to help you create content on your website and build traffic from search engines to your website.

Social Media
Social media planning and management is an important channel for stimulating fan page engagement. Our service features the use of creative content through an integration of online activities, info-graphics, games, and viral clips to promote engagement between brands and followers. Creative content facilitates brands to build likes, comments, and shares, as well as driving the word of mouth in social media and hence achieving brand awareness.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We provide effective solutions for planning and managing CSR campaigns such as donation, volunteer, and environmental conservation, as well as publicizing these campaigns through various media to instill a positive brand image in the target audience, which subsequently leads to sustainable development.

On-ground Event
We offer a variety of event marketing organized by a team of experts, such as press conferences, exhibition shows, road shows, and booths to create awareness and induce customers to try the product before making a purchase.
Video clip / Viral clip Production

Video clip and Viral clip Production Including video presentations to introduce organizations, products and services from advertising production team


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